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29 Jun 2015 A Look at the Reform Act

Last week a piece of legislation that started as a Private Member’s Bill passed the Senate and became law. On the feature this week, we talk with MP Michael Chong, who wrote and sponsored the “Reform Act”, about the implications the Act has for the way Parliament operates. In the news, ARPA is using the summer hiatus at the Alberta Legislature to broadcast information about Bill 10, and how it might be amended. A letter was recently distributed across the province, detailing the problems with the law and proposing ways...

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23 Jun 2015 Palliative Care on the Web

On the feature this week, an interview with Derek Miedema from the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. Derek has just done a policy review of a new website that provides advice and information on palliative and hospice care across the country. We talk about the positives and the negatives of using technology for the delivery of these kinds of services. In the news, Manitoba MP Ed Komarnicki’s motion on “Conscience Rights” for MP’s passed almost unanimously in Parliament last week. Mike Schouten from We Need a Law weighs in...

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15 Jun 2015 Equipping Christians

On the feature this week, an interview with Aaron Oosterhoff from ARPA Niagara, about that local chapter’s efforts to raise awareness about Ontario’s new sex education curriculum. Also, a brief snippet from an interview at the Gospel Coalition website with Dr. Albert Mohler from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, about the importance of a Christian witness on these kinds of issues in society.  On the news, Ontario has rushed through passage Bill 77, the law that takes away government funding for therapy that seeks to change or redirect sexual orientation or gender identity, and imposes an...

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08 Jun 2015 Unless the LORD Builds the House…

On the feature this week, a brief excerpt from a devotional session that was part of the dedication of the new ARPA offices in Ottawa; a good reminder from Psalm 127 of some of the core principles that guide the organization. In the news, the controversial Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Canada’s Residential Schools issued its final report last week. We compare the contents of that report with a policy paper ARPA presented on this issue several years ago. We have another update on the Trinity Western Law School...

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01 Jun 2015 An Opportunity for Evangelism

On the feature this week, a brief excerpt from a speech given at the annual ARPA Niagara dinner. Rev. Scott Masson from Tyndale University College talks about the opportunities for witnesses presented by Ontario’s new Sex Education curriculum, and how some churches are squandering that opportunity. In the news, a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament has introduced a Private Member’s Motion in the Commons, which would entrench the rights of MPs to “vote their conscience” on controversial issues involving abortion and euthanasia. ARPA is out with an analysis of Bill 77, a proposed new law in...

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