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25 May 2015 Cozying up to Death

On the feature this week, the meditation that was given at the Reformed Prayer Service at the National March for Life in Ottawa earlier this month. Rev. Peter Holtvluwer from the Spring Creek Canadian Reformed Church in Tintern, Ontario, talks about the way our culture is “Cozying up to Death.” In the news, ARPA Canada will be filing an intervention in a BC court case later this year surrounding the Trinity Western Law School application. ARPA was granted intervener status last week in the case, in which Trinity is...

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19 May 2015 A Christian Response to Militant Islam

How should Christians interact with the Muslim faith? In particular, what should our response be to the rise of militant Islam in the Middle East and in the west? On the feature interview this week, Al speaks with Harry Antonides, who has devoted a lot of his retirement years to researching these questions. In the news, we look at the impetus behind the myriad “Marches for Life” that are going on across the country this month. We also update a Saskatchewan effort to have a “Parental Consent” bill passed in...

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13 Apr 2015 What it Means to be Human

The annual National Prayer Breakfast was held in Ottawa late last month. On the feature part of the program this week, an edited version of the keynote speech from that event, delivered by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. His theme was “What it Means to be Human.” The speech on our podcast has been edited for length – you can watch the full speech on the CPAC website by clicking here. In the news, the Christian Legal Fellowship held its annual symposium for Christian law students and young professionals in London, Ontario last week. We speak to the CLF’s Executive...

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13 Apr 2015 Death is Natural

Amid the ongoing discussion over euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide, and the Supreme Court’s “Carter Decision”, the Cardus Foundation has released a new policy report on end-of-life care.  Entitled “Death is Natural: Reframing the End-of-Life Conversation in Canada”, the report calls for a more holistic approach to palliative care.  (You can download the full report here.)   On the feature interview this week, Al speaks with Cardus Executive VP Ray Pennings about the substance of the report. On the news, Ontario’s new sex-education curriculum continues to generate strong parental opposition.  A coalition...

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13 Apr 2015 The Saguenay Decision

The Supreme Court of Canada has issued another landmark ruling on religious freedoms. This one is focused on whether government bodies, such as municipal Councils, can open their proceedings with public prayer. The so-called “Saguenay Decision” is the final outcome of a drawn-out legal battle that started when an atheist in Saguenay, Quebec, took his mayor and council to the provincial Human Rights Tribunal, claiming that an expressly Catholic prayer which had long been used at the start of Council meetings there constituted discrimination against his atheism.  Ultimately, the Supreme...

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