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22 Apr 2014 Lighthouse News – God and Government

“God” and “government”. In today’s society, it’s rare to even hear those words in the same sentence. But on Lighthouse News this week, we take a comprehensive look back at the “God and Government” event that took place in Ottawa earlier this month.  Interviews with Mark Penninga and Mike Schouten, and a feature-length recording of a speech given to MP’s, Senators, and other event participants on the issue of “Restorative Justice”....

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22 Apr 2014 Euthanasia, Abortion and a Tribute – Lighthouse News

Does Canada need a truly national strategy for palliative care?  One New Democrat MP thinks so.  In contrast to a push for legalized euthanasia, Charlie Angus wants a discussion on how to improve end of life care.  This week, we have a feature length interview with Mr. Angus about a motion he’s sponsoring on this issue. Also on the program, an open letter to the Premier of New Brunswick, urging the government there not to bow to pressure to fund the private Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton.  The clinic is...

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07 Apr 2014 Christian Law School Debate

  Trinity Western University is continuing its efforts to have a new law school accredited by Law Societies across the country.  ARPA has filed a written submission supporting the University to the regulating body in Ontario, and this week, LightHouse News has a feature-length interview with Janet Epp-Buckingham, one of the two people spear-heading the effort on behalf of the school. Also on the program, an update on the push for a parental consent law in Saskatchewan, a look at a new memorial to unborn children in Ontario, and some...

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11 Mar 2014 Court challenge of Abortion Censorship

ARPA is in the forefront of legal challenge, this one against a section of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Section 5.7 of that Act expressly says that abortion statistics are not subject to Freedom of Information requests. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney is re-starting a court challenge of that Section, and this time, ARPA will be leading the legal team on this. On the feature interview this week, Al Siebring talks with both Patricia Maloney and ARPA lawyer André Schutten. The constitutional challenge was announced at Queen’s Park – the Ontario Legislature –...

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11 Mar 2014 Lighthouse News – Episode 2 – Reforming the Divorce Act

ARPA Canada is pleased to present our very own news broadcast, featuring host Al Siebring! Lighthouse News seeks to educated and equip our listeners via a credible and hope-filled alternative to the mainstream media. We will offer a new broadcast every two weeks, and you can get them all streamed to your computer, ipod, or phone via iTunes (see below). Listen online at   On the program this week: On the interview portion of the program this week, Al talks with Saskatoon MP Maurice Vellacott about Bill 560, his attempt to redefine the basic rules of child custody in divorce cases.   He is suggesting a presumption of “equal shared parenting”.  Some have argued that the suggestion may actually work against the interests of very young children, and there’s also the notion that the Bill might inadvertently encourage marriage breakdown by making it less financially onerous to get a divorce.   Those questions and more are addressed in the interview.  
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