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09 Feb 2015 Lighthouse News – The Carter Decision

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled last week in the so-called Carter Case.  The ruling strikes down Section 241 b) of the Criminal Code – essentially removing any restrictions on doctor-assisted suicide in Canada.   On the program this week, we have preliminary reaction from a number of people, including Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and others.   We plan, DV, to spend more time analyzing the implications of this decision on the next program, which should be posted on February 23rd, and we’d like your input into that analysis.  To that end,...

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26 Jan 2015 ARPA’s Plans for 2015 – Lighthouse News

The ARPA Board held its annual meeting last week, laying out the framework for the organization’s plans in 2015. On the program this week, we take a look ahead at those plans, and we feature some audio from a devotional session that led off one of the Board meetings; a good reminder – from Psalm 82 – of some of the core principles that guide the organization. Also, We Need a Law’s Mike Schouten on the double standard that’s at play in Health Canada’s possible approval of the “morning after...

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12 Jan 2015 Moral Equivalence on Terrorism

 On the feature interview this week, we talk with Dr. Scott Masson from the Ezra Institute about the terrorist attack at the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.  The interview is an attempt to put the attacks into perspective, and to give you some apologetic tools against the notion that “religion, by its very nature, leads to extremism.” The interview includes references to several online articles including this piece by London Imam Anjem Choudary, and an op-ed written the day after the attack by leading Baptist scholar Albert...

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08 Dec 2014 An attempt to force “tolerance” – Lighthouse News

On the feature interview this week, we speak with Senator Don Plett about an effort by the Bank of Montreal  and more than 70 other major Canadian corporations to enforce their version of “tolerance” on their suppliers.   On the news portion, the Alberta government has backed down on a plan that would have had major implications for parental rights generally and Christian Schools in particular, while in Ontario, the questions continue about what’s in a proposed new curriculum on sex education that’s supposed to go online in September of...

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17 Nov 2014 Pushing Parental Consent

On the feature interview this week, an update on efforts to introduce “Parental Consent” legislation in Saskatchewan.  We Need a Law’s Mike Schouten says the message has definitely reached to the highest levels in the Provincial Legislature – right to the Premier’s office. On the news portion, some legislative victories.  Bill C-36, Ottawa’s new prostitution legislation, hasnow passed the Senate, and will take effect in early December.  We talk with Daniel Gilman, who’s been active in the push against human trafficking, which is a central tenet of the...

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