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08 Sep 2014 The Economics of Climate Change

An interview this week with one of Canada’s leading experts on the economics of Climate Change.  Dr. Ross McKitrick is a Professor of Economics and the Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of Guelph.  In the interview, he makes references to a website he’s created called, which you can access by clicking here.   In the interview, Dr. McKitrick also refutes the underlying presuppositions of a popular comic on the Climate Change controversy.  While the comic is described in the interview, it may be helpful for you to...

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08 Aug 2014 Conscience Rights for Doctors – Lighthouse News

An interview this week, on the conscience rights of medical doctors in Ontario.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario is reviewing whether doctors should have the right to “opt out” of providing certain services, such as prescribing birth control pills or performing abortions if those practices violate their religious beliefs.  There’s a public consultation process underway on the issue now, and we talk to lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos, who has submitted a brief on the issue on behalf of several groups of Christian medical professionals.  (ARPA has also submitted...

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14 Jul 2014 Importance of Abortion Statistics

An interview this week, on a legal challenge to Ontario’s re-write of its Freedom of Information and Privacy Act – a re-write that explicitly removes the right to access abortion statistics.  We talk to the woman who’s launched the legal challenge. ARPA has been granted intervener status before the Supreme Court of Canada in the so-called “Carter Case” – a suit that will determine the constitutional validity of the current anti-euthenasia law.   Another update on Trinity Western University’s attempts to start a law school. A win for freedom...

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23 Jun 2014 Prostitution, Pornography, and Human Trafficking; Fueling the ‘Rape Culture’

Please note: This week's broadcast contains sensitive subject material is not suitable for children. The federal government’s bill to re-criminalize prostitution in Canada has now passed second reading in Parliament.  On the program this week, a feature interview with Daniel Gilman on why this bill is important, and on the links between prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking.   Also, an update on a new legal intervention by ARPA Canada on the euthanasia file, and some updates on some summertime activities from ARPA chapters in Toronto and Hamilton.  ...

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09 Jun 2014 Lighthouse News – Sexuality, Politics, and Culture

It was less than 50 years ago that Pierre Trudeau declared that “there’s no place for the State in the bedrooms of the nation,” but today, the State is dictating that virtually every kind of “bedroom behaviour” has to be legitimized and even celebrated.  How, and why, did that shift take place?   On the program this week, Reverend Joe Boot from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity traces the history of the changes; the philosophical and worldview underpinnings of the march to what he calls libertinism.  His presentation,...

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