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17 Nov 2014 Pushing Parental Consent

On the feature interview this week, an update on efforts to introduce “Parental Consent” legislation in Saskatchewan.  We Need a Law’s Mike Schouten says the message has definitely reached to the highest levels in the Provincial Legislature – right to the Premier’s office. On the news portion, some legislative victories.  Bill C-36, Ottawa’s new prostitution legislation, hasnow passed the Senate, and will take effect in early December.  We talk with Daniel Gilman, who’s been active in the push against human trafficking, which is a central tenet of the...

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22 Sep 2014 Safe Families Canada

On the feature interview this week, a discussion about how your church can help to provide some stability for at-risk families in your community.  Jennifer Forbes is the Executive Director of Safe Families Canada, a group that has started doing this in the Toronto area, and is looking to expand to other cities. On the news portion, we talk with ARPA lawyer Andre Schutten about the Oct 22nd shooting in Ottawa.  His office literally overlooks the area where it all took place, and he has some unique perspectives on...

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22 Sep 2014 Income Splitting – A Tax Policy for Families

On the feature interview this week, Andrea Mrozek with the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, talks about a  research paper her group published this summer on the notion of “Income Splitting”, also known as “Family Taxation.”   She explains how the policy would work, and assesses the political chances of having the concept introduced as part of the next Federal budget in the spring.   On the news portion, there’s a new Evangelical initiative on “Climate Change”.  Spearheaded by the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, it’s...

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08 Sep 2014 The Economics of Climate Change

An interview this week with one of Canada’s leading experts on the economics of Climate Change.  Dr. Ross McKitrick is a Professor of Economics and the Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of Guelph.  In the interview, he makes references to a website he’s created called, which you can access by clicking here.   In the interview, Dr. McKitrick also refutes the underlying presuppositions of a popular comic on the Climate Change controversy.  While the comic is described in the interview, it may be helpful for you to...

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08 Aug 2014 Conscience Rights for Doctors – Lighthouse News

An interview this week, on the conscience rights of medical doctors in Ontario.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario is reviewing whether doctors should have the right to “opt out” of providing certain services, such as prescribing birth control pills or performing abortions if those practices violate their religious beliefs.  There’s a public consultation process underway on the issue now, and we talk to lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos, who has submitted a brief on the issue on behalf of several groups of Christian medical professionals.  (ARPA has also submitted...

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