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09 Jun 2014 Lighthouse News – Sexuality, Politics, and Culture

It was less than 50 years ago that Pierre Trudeau declared that “there’s no place for the State in the bedrooms of the nation,” but today, the State is dictating that virtually every kind of “bedroom behaviour” has to be legitimized and even celebrated.  How, and why, did that shift take place?   On the program this week, Reverend Joe Boot from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity traces the history of the changes; the philosophical and worldview underpinnings of the march to what he calls libertinism.  His presentation,...

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27 May 2014 Overton Window – Lighthouse News

The Overton Window.  It’s a theory that tries to pinpoint what political positions are – and are not – palatable in Society.  On the program this week, we feature an interview which applies the theory to Canada’s resurgent debate on abortion, and tries to provide some insights into “shifting” that window in a more pro-life direction. There has been no shortage of discussion on the matter ever since Justin Trudeau issued his ultimatum to Liberal candidates in early May.  Mike Schouten from WNAL appeared on SUN TV to discuss Mr. Trudeau’s position. ...

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22 Apr 2014 Lighthouse News – God and Government

“God” and “government”. In today’s society, it’s rare to even hear those words in the same sentence. But on Lighthouse News this week, we take a comprehensive look back at the “God and Government” event that took place in Ottawa earlier this month.  Interviews with Mark Penninga and Mike Schouten, and a feature-length recording of a speech given to MP’s, Senators, and other event participants on the issue of “Restorative Justice”....

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22 Apr 2014 Euthanasia, Abortion and a Tribute – Lighthouse News

Does Canada need a truly national strategy for palliative care?  One New Democrat MP thinks so.  In contrast to a push for legalized euthanasia, Charlie Angus wants a discussion on how to improve end of life care.  This week, we have a feature length interview with Mr. Angus about a motion he’s sponsoring on this issue. Also on the program, an open letter to the Premier of New Brunswick, urging the government there not to bow to pressure to fund the private Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton.  The clinic is...

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07 Apr 2014 Christian Law School Debate

  Trinity Western University is continuing its efforts to have a new law school accredited by Law Societies across the country.  ARPA has filed a written submission supporting the University to the regulating body in Ontario, and this week, LightHouse News has a feature-length interview with Janet Epp-Buckingham, one of the two people spear-heading the effort on behalf of the school. Also on the program, an update on the push for a parental consent law in Saskatchewan, a look at a new memorial to unborn children in Ontario, and some...

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