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06 Nov 2019 Quick Updates – November 6

On this episode: Ed was in Edmonton for provincial lobbying meetings last week. A pastor was arrested in Toronto earlier this year. André talks about why that story is important. The Prime Minister has already made promises to expand assisted suicide laws in Canada. John brings us more details....

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24 Oct 2019 Quick Update: October 23

This week's Quick Updates is here: We Need a law hosts an historic display at the Supreme Court of Canada 🚩 The federal election happened on Monday. 🗳️ A reaction from Ottawa. A youth convention took place in Alberta on Friday and Saturday 🍁 Fall Tour is coming to Ottawa and Manitoba next week!...

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25 Sep 2019 Quick Updates: September 25

Are you in Grade 11 or 12 and interested in spending a few days in Ottawa with 30 other Christian youth? We've got some details you don't want to miss! Also on this episode: The ARPA team travels west to BC Ed is in Washington state this week....

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