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23 May 2018 Why are Canadian banks funding sex-ed agenda?

On the feature this week, an interview with a Quebec father who’s done some research on the funding for BC’s “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) program. That research has uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from at least two of Canada’s largest chartered banks. Tampier has now started an online petition to try to pressure RBC into eliminating the funding. In the news: “It’s not a right!”:   Mike Schouten from WeNeedaLaw  weighs in on the controversy surrounding MP Ted Falk’s recent outburst in Parliament, in which he shouted at the Prime Minister...

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15 May 2018 Did Jason Kenney really say that?

On the feature this week, a conversation that discounts some of the media narrative about the resolutions that came out of the recent United Conservative Party (UCP) convention in Alberta. There was a lot of media coverage about leader Jason Kenney disavowing a policy resolution that passed; a resolution which allegedly forces the party to "out" children who join Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. The controversy had some people re-thinking their support for the UCP. But on the feature this week, Donna Trimble of the group "Parents for Choice in Education" presents a...

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08 May 2018 Alfie Evans: the end of parental rights?

Is the Alfie Evans case a precursor of what could happen to parental rights in Canada? Feature: On the feature this week, we speak with Jonathon Van Maren about the underlying issues in the case of Alfie Evans, the 23-month old boy who died in a British hospital last month after a judge repeatedly refused his parents’ requests to have him moved to a different medical facility. In the news.. CSJ Attestations: An update on various legal challenges to the “attestation requirement” in the Canada Summer Jobs program. Slavery and Human Trafficking: Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold...

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10 Apr 2018 Couple 72 years married euthanized together

A troubling development as assisted suicide continues to spiral in Canada:  On the feature this week, a look at the deaths of two elderly people in Toronto in what was essentially a doctor-assisted double suicide.   In the news… Bill 24:  A court challenge to Alberta's Bill 24, which bans schools from sharing information with parents about student activities in Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. Faking pro-life violence:  Waterloo Regional Police in Ontario have charged a 41-year old woman with mischief, after she filed what’s been determined to be a fake police complaint about violence by...

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LN feature: Couple 72 years married euthanized together

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