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10 Jul 2019 Quick Update – July 10

Andre joins us to talk about an education situation that is developing in Ontario, Mike lets us know what the next steps are for the Missing Project, and We Need a Law has put out some really great position papers - Anna joins us for that.   Links referenced in the episode: Blog: Gender Politics in Classrooms is Hurting Kids - Send the EasyMail: Gender Politics in Classrooms is Hurting Kids -  Website for the Missing Project - We Need A Law Position Papers - Abortion is not Healthcare - Abortion is not a Charter...

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03 Jul 2019 Quick Update – July 3

In this special episode the grassroots team focus on the upcoming summer months and what you can do to help make Summer 2019 a summer of action! - Colin talks about some ways to build a relationship with a local official over the summer - Levi talks BC and BBQs - Ed talks rodeos, and highlights the ARPA “Speak Up!” booklet Links mentioned in this episode: • 12 Step Plan - • 12 Step Plan Bookmark - • Speak Up! Booklet -

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27 Jun 2019 Quick Update – June 26

On this week’s Quick Updates: Tabitha and Daniel share a project that you can be a part of this summer, Ed has an update on the progress of Education changes in Alberta, and Mike and Elyse join us in offering their reflections on the life of the late Mr. Warawa...

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26 Jun 2018 Two Years Later: MAiD’s Impact on Health Care

John Carpay Feature: A judge in Medicine Hat Alberta is expected to rule this week on an application to put that province’s controversial new education legislation, Bill 24, on hold until a full hearing is conducted on whether it violates the constitutional rights of parents. On the feature this week, we speak with lawyer John Carpay, who argued the case last week.  Included in the discussion is an analysis of how the recent Trinity Western ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada might impact the arguments over Bill 24.     Janet Epp-Buckingham TWU Ruling: Trinity Western...

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