Need Help With Research?

ARPA CANADA> Helping You With Research and Advice!

Are you working on an article and need some help with research? Have you decided that you want to take action on an issue but don’t know where to start? If you are looking for help on a political issue, contact ARPA Canada and we will be happy to give you some assistance.

What We Can Provide:
  • Research
  • Statistics
  • Action suggestions
  • Contact information
  • Referrals to helpful organizations
  • and many other services
Who is This Service For?

Reformed Christians in Canada from denominations including:

  • Canadian Reformed Churches
  • United Reformed Churches
  • Free Reformed Churches
  • Presbyterian Reformed Churches
  • Protestant Reformed Churches
  • Reformed Church of Quebec (ERQ)
  • and other Reformed churches
Can Others Benefit?

We would be happy to be of service to others who share a common vision for shining the light of God’s Word across Canada. We are also happy to work alongside other organizations that promote the same cause. However, the primary purpose of ARPA Canada is to promote political action among the Reformed churches so this will be the focus of our work.