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20 Apr 2018 God and Government 2018 Day 2

  Click here to watch slideshow by Michael Zwiep On the second day of non-partisan advocacy and national conference on Parliament Hill, delegates - along with some of the national board and staff of ARPA Canada - returned to the Rideau Room of the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel, Thursday morning, April 19, beginning the day with a meditation by Rev. Raymond Sikkema, Pastor Emeritus of the Rehoboth United Reformed Church of Hamilton. Delegates were directed to Revelation 6:9-11 and called to bear witness of the Word of God in the halls of Parliament. The assembly responded by singing the great hymn...

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19 Apr 2018 God and Government 2018 Day 1

  Click here to watch slideshow by Michael Zwiep Drawing active members of confessional Reformed churches across Canada, over seventy delegates, along with a dozen board and staff of ARPA Canada, assembled on Parliament Hill, Wednesday, April 18, the first day of a non-partisan advocacy exercise on the hill and bi-annual national God & Government conference. Representing Reformed congregations in electoral districts across British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, delegates prepared to defend preborn human rights, palliative care as an alternative to doctor-assisted suicide, religious freedom and support for family values, as well as encouraging recognition of faith-based voters. Delegates assembled...

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12 Apr 2018 An Open Letter of Encouragement to Alberta’s Honorable Leader of the Opposition

ARPA Canada routinely asks for you, our supporters, to submit respectful letters to our elected representatives. Every once in a while we see a fantastic example of winsome, principled, and respectful engagement. Below is one such example. Dear Mr. Kenney, I hope this message finds you well. It is with some trepidation that I write to you on the subject of your abstention from the NDP’s abortion clinic bubble zone Bill. Though I balk at the thought of sidestepping the opportunity to publicly question and critique such a law, your appraisal of the politics...

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12 Apr 2018 The euthanasia of elderly couple demonstrates the practice continues to spiral out of control in Canada

by Lighthouse News The deaths of an elderly couple in Toronto late last month has raised serious questions over how far Canada’s legal and medical system has gone to accommodate euthanasia, more euphemistically called, “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD). On March 27th, George and Shirley Brickenden were euthanized as they lay side-by-side in their bed at a Toronto-area retirement home.  Mr. and Mrs. Brickenden were both in their 90s. Three of their children sat at the foot of their bed while two doctors simultaneously administered the lethal injections that killed them. The Brickendens...

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11 Apr 2018 Alberta bill blocking info on student activities from parents will be challenged in court

by Lighthouse News The Alberta government is facing a lawsuit over Bill 24. That’s the law - passed late last year - which expressly forbids school teachers, principals, or other school employees from telling parents about whether their own children join so-called "gay-straight alliance clubs". The government claimed at the time that the prohibition is about “protecting children from abusive parents”. But now, a group of 24 religious schools, eight parents and a pair of non-profit groups have launched a constitutional challenge of the law. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms announced...

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A woman in Ottawa holds a sign within an "access zone". Remove the word "NOT" and she would be arrested.

10 Apr 2018 Alberta government introduces bill to censor pro-life expression

Take Action: Send an EasyMail letter to share your concerns with your MLA   On April 5, the Alberta government introduced Bill 9: Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act. The bill would create “access zones” around abortion clinics in which it would be illegal to attempt to persuade someone not to get an abortion, to attempt to inform someone about issues related to abortion or alternatives to abortion, or to merely express disapproval of abortion in any way. Beyond “access zones”, the bill makes it an offence to “persistently request" someone not to provide...

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10 Apr 2018 LN feature: Couple 72 years married euthanized together

Albert Mohler On the feature this week, a world-view analysis of a recent case of doctor-assisted suicide. George and Shirley Brickenden were both euthanized, together, in their bed at a Toronto-area retirement home. Mr. and Mrs. Brickenden were both in their 90's.  They had been married for almost 73 years, and made a deliberate decision that they wanted to die together. This week, we feature an edited rebroadcast of a portion of a program called "The Briefing" by Dr. Albert Mohler from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in which he analyses some of the...

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05 Apr 2018 Summer Jobs and the English Language

Employment Minister won't say what 'rights' means by John Sikkema In his famous essay, Politics and the English Language, George Orwell lamented that “political words” tend to be so abused as to become almost meaningless. Their vagueness then allows people to use them “in a consciously dishonest way” – meaning the user allows the hearer to think he means something other than what the user had in mind. Writing in 1946, Orwell listed “fascism”, “socialism”, and “democracy” as examples of abused political words. Were he writing today, I think he would include “rights”. Employment...

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27 Mar 2018 ARPA Canada’s efforts attracting overseas attention

By Lighthouse News Rev. William den Hollander The work of ARPA Canada is starting to attract some international interest from Reformed Christians in other countries. Rev. William den Hollander is a long-time Board member with ARPA Canada. He retired from active ministry in 2012, but since then, he has served as an interim pastor at churches in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. And he’s found there’s a lot of interest in political engagement among Reformed Christians in those countries. In a recent interview with Lighthouse News from his temporary home in South Africa,...

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27 Mar 2018 Possible lawsuit looming over Canada Summer Jobs attestation

By Lighthouse News The federal government’s unwillingness to alter the rules around a controversial “attestation requirement” for applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs program could end up in court. The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) is considering legal action after the Liberal majority in Parliament handily defeated a motion from the Conservatives last week. The motion, if passed, would have supported access to Canada Summer Jobs funding regardless of the private convictions of the applicants. Many applicants have refused to tick the attestation box because they interpret it as a...

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