Success Story: From Attending an ARPA event to an Editorial in the Province Newspaper

09 May 2011 Success Story: From Attending an ARPA event to an Editorial in the Province Newspaper

We are often reminded how God can use our humble efforts to accomplish big things. The following story is one example.

At the recent ARPA events in BC and Alberta we challenged the audience to sign up for a schedule of writing letters to the editor to bring the issue of demographics to our communities. Twenty-two year old Sue DeHaas from Langley, BC was one of the attendees who put up her hand and agreed to give this a try.  She used the talking points that ARPA provided and wrote a letter to the Langley Advance, that was published on May 3rd. But it didn’t stop there. 

The editor of the editorial page for the Province newspaper (a major daily newspaper in Vancouver) came across that letter and thought it was an intriguing topic. He then contacted her to ask if she could give more information. After asking for a few more tips from ARPA Canada, she did a 25 minute interview.  The Province did an editorial on the topic, on the Friday before Mother’s Day called Raising a Child – Lot’s of Work But Worth It.

The editorial concluded “DeHaas makes good points. No one wants to return to the days when women were viewed as little more than baby machines. But neither do we want to, well, politically correct ourselves into extinction. Raising a child is one of the hardest things you can do. It is also one of the most rewarding.”

All that to show, that when we take action, some neat things can come of it. We may not always see the impact our work can have. But we should be encouraged to press on regardless. We have a powerful message of truth and love to share with this world. Let’s speak up.

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