Backbench MP leading the charge to reform prostitution laws

08 Jul 2011 Backbench MP leading the charge to reform prostitution laws

ARPA Note: Many of you played a big role in helping Joy Smith’s previous bill against human trafficking get passed in the last Parliament. Private Member’s Bills can play a huge role in this new Parliament. Be sure to talk to your MP about what they hope to introduce and if they will support Smith’s prostitution bill.

Daphne Bramham, Postmedia News July 8 2011: Joy Smith is that rare backbench member of Parliament whose private bill was not only debated, but became law. Rarer still is the fact that Smith, a Conservative from Winnipeg, is on track to do it again. Because of her efforts and her first bill, Canada has mandatory minimum sentences for human traffickers whose victims are children. Her new bill, which will be on the order paper for the fall session, proposes to rewrite Canada’s prostitution laws. It would make criminals out of people who buy sex, but prostitutes would not be criminalized. Keep reading

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