Parliament, the courts, and matters of life and death

10 Aug 2011 Parliament, the courts, and matters of life and death

By Don Hutchinson, National Post, Aug 9 2011: It’s a troubling trend, inspired by Evangelical Christians. A judge of the British Columbia Supreme Court has agreed to fast track the lawsuit of Gloria Taylor, who suffers from ALS and is seeking to have a doctor assist her in ending her life.

What’s troubling is that the House of Commons has defeated proposed legislation to legalize physician assisted suicide three times in the last six years, most recently in April 2010. Because the will of Parliament, the peoples’ representatives, isn’t bending on this issue, Ms. Taylor has resorted to the courts – where, by the way, the Supreme Court of Canada decided in 1993 that Parliament was the appropriate place to make the decision (Rodriguez v British Columbia). Keep reading

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