Women Can Be Happy Without Full-Time Employment

19 Aug 2011 Women Can Be Happy Without Full-Time Employment

Apparently women don’t need to be full-time employed and climbing to the top of the corporate ladder in order to be happy. MacLean’s looks to Dutch women to dispell the myth:

How Dutch women got to be the happiest in the world – by Claire Ward MACLEANS Friday, August 19, 2011

“Like many Dutch women, Marie-Louise van Haeren views herself as liberated. “Every woman in Holland can do whatever she wants with her life,” says Van Haeren, 52, who lives just outside of Rotterdam and rides her bicycle or the train to work three days a week at a police academy, where she counsels students. She has worked part-time her entire career, as have almost all of her friends—married or unmarried, kids or no kids—save one or two who logged more hours out of financial necessity. Van Haeren, who wasn’t married until last year and has no children, says she’s worked part-time “to have time to do things that matter to me, live the way I want. To stay mentally and physically healthy and happy.” Continue Reading

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