LexView 74.0 – Can Injecting Illegal Drugs Ever Be Safe?

26 Oct 2011 LexView 74.0 – Can Injecting Illegal Drugs Ever Be Safe?

Cardus.ca: On September 30, the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the federal government to keep open the doors of a controversial “safe” injection site for drug addicts on Vancouver’s tragic Downtown Eastside. It was an order LexView writer Kevin Boonstra says represents a serious error in judicial logic. There’s no question, Boonstra agrees, that something must be done to help addicts in the deeply troubled neighbourhood. At the same time, it’s dubious to claim the Insite facility is, in fact, safe. And the high court accepted a dangerous false dichotomy in its finding that the government could only allow Insite to remain open—or refuse health care to addicts. The SCC’s decision took a narrow view on an issue of complex health and criminal law policy. Find out more in LexView, a publication of the Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal: LexView 74.0: “Can Injecting Illegal Drugs Ever Be Safe?”

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