Quebecers Don’t Want Euthanasia

17 Nov 2011 Quebecers Don’t Want Euthanasia

Quebecers have overwhelmingly told the provincial government to respect existing laws banning euthanasia and focus instead on providing high quality palliative care, a study of submissions to the Special Commission on Dying with Dignity shows clearly.

 “The numbers are black and white. In the presentations to the Commission there was 99 per cent agreement that palliative care is the dignified choice Quebecers want available at the end of life. At the same time, 60  per cent  of the submissions opposed any opening for  euthanasia. The government’s democratic direction should be clear,” said Linda Couture, director of the  nonpartisan, grass roots group, Living With Dignity.

 To read the full press release, click here. To see the results and a helpful summary of the briefs submitted to the Quebec Government on allowing euthanasia, click here.

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