Poetry for Life: Silent Scream & Elephant in the Room

21 Nov 2011 Poetry for Life: Silent Scream & Elephant in the Room

The following two poems were written and submitted by Art Blokhuis.

Silent Scream (As seen on YouTube)

I, this morning was awakened by a piercing “Silent Scream”
And with horrid consternation reckoned, t’was an awful dream,
That had broken through the silence and invaded where once peace
Had resided in my being, but my “conscious” would not ease.
So convicted, rose from bed and beheld Your morning star,
Where the heavens all seemed peaceful and the moon shone from afar,
Yet, that scream still fills my being and it comes from all those dead,
Who, with mutilated bodies screamed their anguish in my head.
But all earth slept oh so tranquil and the stars filled up the sky
So I placed all my discomforts at the feet of Him, on high,
Source of Reason, behold, Treason! Inhumanity to man!
Open ears and eyes to Truth, for You are the One who can.
For You love Your little children, “bring them to Me”, you once said,
So each one may have Life in You, by Love nurtured and well fed,
We, each one are little children, white or black from every race,
And our life from You received is the evidence of Your Grace.
By a “Silent Scream” arrested, view this horrid Holocaust,
A complete new generation for the sins of parents, lost.
O give ear and heed a warning, children, in God’s love abide,
Seek a life through faithful service, God will be there at your side.

To allow the genocide of the most vulnerable citizens of our society is the most flagrant abuse of the rights and duties of “civilized” governments imaginable.The price of such dereliction of duty will be immensurable, as we are beginning to see already with a trend towards euthanasia, a form of justified murder.

A. Blokhuis, Oct.25/11

The Elephant In the Room

Say, there’s an elephant in the room! You say, an elephant in the room?
I see no elephant anywhere, he isn’t here, he isn’t there,
Not under table, desk or chair, I see no legs, chest, trunk, nor hair.
Hey, Mister Speaker, don’t you care? There is an elephant, over there!
Not over here, and if there was, I do declare, he couldn’t be here.
Yet, there’s an elephant, I insist! So large, he surely can’t be missed
I see him loom, larger, each day! He vowed that he won’t go away;
So big, in fact, he cannot hide, deep in your conscience, he’ll abide,
Ignore that beast, if true, and act, as if He isn’t there, In fact
Should he so dirty up our pride, just hold your nose, let laws decide.
Look, there’s an elephant in the house! Oh children hush, it’s just a mouse,
Sit down, be quit and keep the peace! Imaginations never cease…!
An elephant? No, a mouse, quite tame, I’ve even given it a name.
A soother, sucker, lollypop, No menaced, scarlet tunic’d cop,
Would banish elephants I saw, for mischief’s justice, it’s the law.
Would you maintain, that elephant, there, is nothing other than hot air?
Contrived to cause great misery, those, who that elephant, can’t see,
And sit, languishing through their term, thickskinned like a huge pachyderm,
An elephant! And you say who? Look in the mirror, for, it’s you!
Observe that weakkneed sniveller squirm. Resolve to Rule with Justice, firm!
Elected? Yes? Then do your task, Is that too difficult, I ask?
There’s One who’ll ask you, “give account, you failed to act upon what ground?”
You”ll take a coward’s rule instead, discounting, that He rules as Head?
Should acts of parliament defame, the One who bore our cross of shame,
Would you the unborn child deny, Justice from Him, who rules on High?
Abortion is this elephant’s name! Abortion is our nation’s shame,
A slogan rings, freedom of choice! You’ll share the blame? They have no voice…
Will you not stand for what is right? Will you not partner in this fight?
Justice, compassion, Love and Light. Restore and heal, fill with delight.
Is Justice but a distant dream? I hear them, listen….  Hear their scream?
A. Blokhuis, Nov. 18/11

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