Aboriginal Affairs and “Failed Experiments”

30 Nov 2011 Aboriginal Affairs and “Failed Experiments”

John Ivison – National Post 28 November 2011 – Canadians are accustomed to the Red Cross sending emergency aid to Haiti and the Horn of Africa. They are less used to the organization sending blankets and winter clothing to impoverished native Canadians living in tents.

In the stricken northern Ontario aboriginal community of Attawapiskat, it is being portrayed as an alternative to government. The Red Cross stepped in after Alberta wildfires and Quebec floods, but Attawapiskat is a slower-moving disaster. The fly-in reserve near James Bay is facing an acute housing shortage. A state of emergency was declared at the end of September and, as winter begins to bite, dozens of people are living in wood-frame tents and uninsulated sheds, using slop buckets as toilets. Read more.

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