Democracy Poetry: Submit In Love And Service

08 Dec 2011 Democracy Poetry: Submit In Love And Service

Martin Luther had a dream once, like a poet has a vision,
Many people, mostly sceptics, holding them both in derision,
Much prefer to spend their time on gambling, porn or television,
With good laws that are enacted, they press for major revision.
Claiming such a yoke’s too heavy, adding that they are not free,
They despise all law and order, much preferring anarchy.
Work, they say, should be an option, social service, they decree,
By their errant thinking, paid for, equals true equality.
Taxes all should be abolished for they are a poor man’s bane,
And to work and earn a living? They consider plain insane,
For to strive and earn one’s station, then to fail and try again?
Much prefer to take free handouts than to tax a limb, or brain.
There’s a great, grave danger present this thing called democracy
Free to serve God, and the neighbour which an anarchist can’t see.
And the Fiend will do his utmost to intice to pleasure’s spree
Thus, to rob us by subverting God’s free gift, Our Liberty.
“We are trod upon and helpless by injustice sore afflicted,
We are victims of the system not as you’d have us depicted,
Yes, you took away our dream, now you want us all evicted?
I’ve my rights and I’ve my wants, fill them”, by falsehood inflicted.
Servicemen went overseas; Suffered there for you and me…
Shed their blood and life in service, kept us from the tyrant free.
Think these men and women fools? Say that’s not your cup of tea?
You demand to set your own laws? There’s no greater tyranny!
Wake up, O sleeper, from the dead and Christ will shine on you,               [ Ephesians14-21]
Be very careful how you live, armed with all Wisdom, true.
With every opportunity and in all that you do,
Submit to one another. This is His law to you!
A. Blokhuis
Dec. 7/11

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