Is the CBC paying for porn?

02 Feb 2012 Is the CBC paying for porn?

Toronto Sun, Feb 1 2012 OTTAWA — Canadians who are hankering for some titillating programming from France can turn to an online platform being offered by the French branch of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. is described as “entertainment oriented web TV video on demand offered by Radio-Canada and twenty partners, broadcasters and producers. It is the largest web TV entertainment in French Canada.” The website includes a show entitled Hard that has scenes of soft core pornography.

“If this is the RDI using French actors through our tax system in order to produce this, I would say it is not a good use of taxpayers’ dollars. I think most Canadians and Quebecers would say, ‘What the heck is going on here?'” said NDP MP Peter Stoffer after viewing a sample of the raunchiest scenes. Keep reading

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