www.TheTruthIs.ca – new website for Abortion Memorials

22 Feb 2012 www.TheTruthIs.ca – new website for Abortion Memorials

As the number of ARPA abortion memorials continues to grow, ARPA Canada is excited to share a new website that will serve as a connection between these memorials and a wealth of information about abortion and the hope of the Gospel.

www.TheTruthIs.ca will be advertised at each of the abortion memorials. It will allow the public to understand more fully what the memorials are about. At the same time it serves as a portal to quality information for anyone who is contemplating an abortion, struggling with a past choice, or looking for hope.

The website has also been built for mobile phones and iPads, in light of the fact that those driving by may want to learn more right away.

www.TheTruthIs.ca has been beatifully designed by Compass Creative, a studio based in Southern Ontario. We highly recommend that you check out their site if you are looking for a website for your business. ARPA Canada and the local ARPA chapters would like to express our heart-felt appreciation for their services. ARPA Canada also thanks the Chatham and Strathroy ARPA groups for having the vision necessary to make this site a reality.

Check out the website here. And spread the word via email and Facebook.

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