Anti-spanking advocates still at it

07 Mar 2012 Anti-spanking advocates still at it

ARPA Note: This is an issue that we can expect to see before Parliament again. It is part of a growing tide against parental responsibility. It is important that we proactively respond (note the IMFC’s example of how to respond towards the end of the article) rather than waiting for another court case or bill in Parliament.

Ottawa Citizen, March 4 2012: OTTAWA — Should spanking become a relic of childhoods past, like helmetless bike rides, skin-blistering sunburns, free ranging in a car’s back seat, or being a breathless bystander to dad’s two-pack-a-day habit?  Child abuse expert Ron Ensom thinks so. He is anticipating the day when parents — at least 50 per cent of whom rely on a spank, swat or slap to keep their children in line — will lay down their arms.

He didn’t always believe “physical punishment” of children should be banned. “It was so common, so ubiquitous, and I probably thought the same way other people did. ‘Hey, I know people who were spanked and they turned out OK.’” But then he was called to intervene on “an almost daily basis” in incidents at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Read more

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