Alberta’s Bill 2 would have Dante’s Divine Comedy banned too!

15 Mar 2012 Alberta’s Bill 2 would have Dante’s Divine Comedy banned too!

Update: Thanks to those of you who voiced concerns, the Education Minister has made a minor change to the Education Act to clarify parental rights. We have yet to see the new wording. However, although he may have good intentions, as long as the new legislation still binds itself to the Alberta Human Rights Act it is very problematic.

By Marco Navarro-Génie, FCPP – March 14 2012: A diversity clause in section 16 of the Education Act of Alberta has many Alberta parents worried that the dreaded human rights commissions will crush their ability to provide their children with better content and greater values than those offered in the cookie-cutter, government-dictated curriculum.

Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk seems to think that homeschooling parents are against human rights in opposing the bill, which misses the point.  The point is that a diversity code policed by the Human Rights Commission would clash with and ravage an enriched curriculum of education. Keep reading

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