Head of Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on Stress Leave

24 Apr 2012 Head of Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on Stress Leave

The working atmosphere of the CHRT begs the question – if it needs to be investigated for harassment among other things, how can it be in charge of determining “human rights” offenses for the nation? Selection from the Vancouver Sun, April 23 2012:

The Ottawa Citizen has also learned that the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commission has launched an investigation into the tribunal workplace — a relatively rare move by the body charged with investigating and ruling on wrongdoings in the public sector and protecting “whistle blower” public servants from reprisals. It’s the integrity commission’s policy to neither confirm nor deny an investigation is taking place, a spokeswoman said, but if investigators find a complaint to be valid, their reports are made public.

In upholding the two harassment complaints against Chotalia in January, independent investigator Philip Chodos described her dealings with a low-level probationary clerical worker as “baffling, if not bizarre.” Read the full article here.

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