Is it Time for Canada to Leave the UN?

07 Jun 2012 Is it Time for Canada to Leave the UN?

millerPressure is mounting for Canada to take an honest look at our participation in the United Nations. Conservative MP Larry Miller has made it public that he is fed up with the UN “and will urge Government to review Canada’s participation in the United Nations.” His comments come shortly after a commentary by Brian Lilley about the same topic (see below). To add to that, not long ago, we posted another strong article against the UN and their farcical approach to human rights. We have also posted a trailer to a new documentary about the UN to round this up.

If you agree with MP Miller, please take a minute to send him a note ([email protected]) and CC your MP.

By Brian Lilley, QMI Agency, June 1 2012: Canada apparently owes the United Nations an apology. That’s the view put forward by a group of supposedly eminent Canadians such as Ed Broadbent and Flora Macdonald, as well as organizations such as Amnesty International. These fine folks are upset at the reaction of the Harper cabinet to Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food.

You remember De Schutter, or Scooter as I call him. He’s the Belgian academic who has never held a real job outside of the rarefied world of the United Nations or Europe’s finer universities. He came to Canada, spent 11 days talking to political activists and then issued a report saying that at the same time too many Canadians are obese, we aren’t doing enough to make sure people are fed. His solutions, and he gave many, all boiled down to Canada adopting European-style socialism. Keep reading

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