Why Do We Still Have Hate Speech Laws?

10 Jul 2012 Why Do We Still Have Hate Speech Laws?

Wh Andrew Coyne National Post July 9, 2012 – Section 319.2 of the Criminal Code, for example, forbidding the “willful” promotion of hatred “against any identifiable group,” is currently getting a workout in a Regina courtroom in the case of Terry Tremaine, a sometime math lecturer and avowed neo-Nazi.

ile not specifically dealing with the Human Rights Commissions, Tribunals and Codes, tackles the idea of hate speech laws and why they don’t work in a functioning democracy. He makes a number of good points which our provinces should take to heart in evaluating their own human rights codes.

 Hardly was there time to celebrate the demise of Section 13, the infamous provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibiting “communication of hate messages,” before we were reminded this was not the only unwarranted restriction on freedom of speech on the books.

ile Tremaine will have available to him the sorts of due process rights denied to those hauled before the human rights tribunals — the defence of truth among them — the end result is much the same: the suppression of speech society finds objectionable, for the sole reason that it is objectionable. Keep Reading…

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