Dramatic Fertility Decline in Muslim World

31 Jul 2012 Dramatic Fertility Decline in Muslim World

www.mercatornet.com, July 31 2012: In the June 1 issue of Policy Review (Stanford University) Nicholas Eberstadt and Apoorva Shah have revealed the truly remarkable (and indeed historically unprecedented) decline in the fertility rate of the Muslim community worldwide (the Ummah).

The report (which can be seen here) is interesting for what it reports – the idea that the world’s Muslim population is undergoing a fertility collapse is not in line with popular perception.  As the authors observe:

“There remains a widely perceived notion — still commonly held within intellectual, academic, and policy circles in the West and elsewhere — that “Muslim” societies are especially resistant to embarking upon the path of demographic and familial change that has transformed population profiles in Europe, North America, and other “more developed” areas (UN terminology).”

But this view is no longer tenable if the evidence is considered. Keep reading

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