Abortion – It happens in Reformed Churches Too

18 Oct 2012 Abortion – It happens in Reformed Churches Too

Update: Find an excellent commentary on this matter, by Rev P. Holtvluwer, here. It explains why abortion happens among Christians and what we can do about it.

For many of our readers, abortion is something that happens “out there” in society. Yet the reality is that there are brothers and sisters in Reformed churches that are devastated or struggling with their own choice to end the life of an unwanted child. The issue hits closer to home than we often realize. One of Canada’s leading pro-abortion activists grew up in a Reformed church and still has family in Reformed churches.


The Reformed Prolifer website has published an article that tells the story of a Reformed Christian who discovered that her sister had an abortion. We know that there are many more stories like this.

When we talk about abortion, homosexuality, and so many other examples of brokenness, let’s be sure to remember that it is not just “out there.” Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are struggling with guilt. Every one of us, left alone, stands guilty before God. We are all broken. We all need His grace. And that grace covers ALL of our sins.

We can and must speak the truth openly and publicly. But it should come alongside a message of hope, forgiveness, and healing. There will be a day when all our tears are wiped away. Come LORD Jesus!

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