What’s Up with Bill C-304?

16 Apr 2013 What’s Up with Bill C-304?

Many of our readers are quite familiar with Bill C-304 Bill C-304 , that freedom-enhancing bill sponsored by Mr. Brian Storseth

that seeks to repeal the censorship powers of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal. It passed through the House of Commons relatively easily and moved on to the Senate. That was (at time of writing) 314 days ago. As we reported back in February, the Bill is still languishing there in the Senate, stuck at the “second reading” stage. So what’s going on? As Connie Fournier over at Free Dominion notes, controversial 400+ page omnibus budget bills sail through the Senate in 11 days! The gun registry bill passed in 49 days. What gives? Why is a so-called “Conservative” dominated Senate holding up a free speech bill when 99% of the Conservative membership voted in favour of free speech at the latest policy convention? Is there maybe a link here with the fact that under the Conservative government, funding for the Canadian Human Rights Commission has actually increased? We hope not.

Here are two things you can do:

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