Poem: Linda Gibbons

12 Jul 2013 Poem: Linda Gibbons

[arrested again June 11/13]

Linda Gibbons, back in the news,
She’s persecuted for her views.
She knows she’s right and won’t back down;
Wrongly convicted by our crown
And yet t’was Vellacott, you see,
Applauding her, like you and me,
Maurice presented “worth” to her,
A Diamand Jubilee to wear.


Yes, when we’re weak God makes us strong,
Gives strength to fight when laws are wrong,
An unborn child’s no less a man…
You hold that murders a good plan?
May our convictions, when set forth
Prove once for all that life has worth.
May “laws and justice” come to see,
Plain truth, as seen by you and me.

Man may not kill, yet wields a sword,
God’s law’s established by His Word
Then wield a sword in righteousness,
That God man’s purpose so should bless,
Let Linda Gibbons lead and guide
The God of peace is at her side.
All know His blessed meek have worth,
To them belong’s God’s promised earth!

A. Blokhuis
July 11/13

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