Truth Exposed

23 Feb 2016 Truth Exposed

When Paul was to Christ’s Truth exposed
Upon that public stage
Where martyr Stephen testified… Acts 7
Paul fell into a rage.

Had he not studied Jewish law
Under Gamaliel?
And here, saint Stephen spoke such Truth…
Paul knew his Scriptures well.


And yet, his heart was hardened
As he clung fast to the lie,
Satan was there when he resolved,
Those of “The Way” must die!

Truth crushed him like a ton of bricks! Acts 9:4
“Dear God, what must I do?”
Christ’s glory on Damascus route
Showed him real Truth anew.

Are children of no consequence
When we embrace the lie? Thess. 2:11
If they’re not born, they don’t exist
So it’s okay they die…

A. Blokhuis
Feb. 23/16





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