10 Jun 2016 Canadians?

Canadians? A peculiar lot…
Truth seems, Trudeau’s succumbed to pot?
It seems that wonders never cease,
Sons fought the bloodiest wars for peace.

They stood for justice and what’s right
And overcame the Evil’s might,
So all might worship without fear,
Truth’s freedom in our land held dear.

This freedom, so that all could live,
They were prepared their lives to give,
For home and land, God help, to die…
Should we reward their baldfaced lie?


That states all women have the right
To choice? A victory to those who might,
Contemplate when to euthanize,
The how, why, where and when man dies?


Now, anarchistic in our views
Perversions are no longer news
That shock or outrage moral men…
Shall sane men ever rule again?

Should marriage, in which God delights
Not overrule abnormal rights?
Is there no ‘bedrock’ moral law?
That says, “This is the final straw.”

Are we to flounder with the flow?
Use the excuse, “We didn’t know,
How evil and insidious
The school board’s sex curriculum is”.

George Orwell’s 84 is here.
Our country is asleep! We fear,
They’d now our own anthem deny…
Replace “Our sons.” How shrewd each lie.

A. Blokhuis
June 6/16








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