ARPA Quarantine Webinars

19 Mar 2020 ARPA Quarantine Webinars

We’ve now completed the third week of our Quarantine Webinars. Last week we were able to mix it up a bit with webinars dedicated to those in Grades 6 & 7. They were well received and host Ed Hoogerdyk hopes to continue with the series. If you have children this age or if you are a school teacher we would love it if you could participate!

In addition to Ed’s webinar, we will also have Mike Schouten and Levi Minderhoud hosting a discussion of SOGI 123, and Tabitha Ewert of We Need a Law in conversation with Jared White to discuss the role of pregnancy care centers in the pro-life movement.

We hope to see you there!

The ARPA Canada team

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Week of April 13th

Host: Tabitha Ewert with Guest Jared White

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