18 Aug 2017 Irreconcilable? Indigenous Peoples and Canada at 150

by Colin Postma Despite all the talk of reconciliation with Canada’s aboriginal population over the years, all is still not well in the minds of many Canadians. Canada recently celebrated its 150th Birthday. Canadian flags, parades, and fireworks were the staple in every Canadian city, town, and village. In my home town of Ottawa, thousands waited in line for hours in heavy rain just to be a part of the events on Parliament Hill. But many Canadians felt differently. One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of himself wearing a shirt with...

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27 Jul 2017 ‘Gender Neutral’ Health Cards and the New Gnosticism

By John Sikkema Earlier this month, a baby received the first ever British Columbia health card with no “gender designation”. Instead of “M” for male or “F” for female, the baby’s health card says “U”, which various media outlets suggest stands for “undetermined” or “unassigned”. “Undetermined” would be a lie, unless the baby was born wearing pants. “Unassigned” might make sense if it referred to the refusal to assign an “M” or “F” to the child’s health card, but unassigned here connotes that sex is just a label assigned to persons –...

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Lutheran Bishop Ludwig Muller, leader of the Reich Church in Germany, greets Hitler

13 Jul 2017 A Cautionary Tale: The Failure of the German Church to Oppose Nazism

By Colin Postma Over the past few months, ARPA staff have been discussing Eric Metaxas’ book “Bonhoeffer – Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy,” as part of our weekly staff calls. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who is remembered for his opposition to the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. He was executed in a concentration camp in April 1945, just days before Hitler committed suicide and the war came to an end. Lutheran Bishop Ludwig Muller, leader of the Reich Church, greets Hitler One of the most striking things about entering...

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22 Jun 2017 Kids are annoying, use birth control: a message from the government of Ontario

By André Schutten I was scrolling through the news on our publicly funded CBC website the other day and, when I clicked on one video for a story, I had to first watch a 15 second advertisement (this one funded by the government of Ontario). The ad may seem tame enough to the average viewer, but it was shocking to me and left me with many different questions and thoughts. Check it out here: A few thoughts swimming through my head after watching the ad: What in the world is a cash-strapped...

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01 Jun 2017 “Safe Injection Sites” – Coming to a City Near You?

By John Sikkema “Safe” or “supervised” injection sites provide drug users with clean needles and medical supervision for injecting narcotics. So far, there are none in Canada outside of Vancouver. But that is likely to change. Parliament just made it a lot easier to establish safe injection sites with Bill C-37, which passed earlier this month. Canada’s Health Minister is currently reviewing 19 applications for such sites, and more applications are expected. Another win for “harm reduction” You may recall the 2011 Insite case (Canada v PHS Community Services Society), in which the Supreme...

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21 Apr 2017 Haunted by the “hetero-normative” family

A behind-the-scenes look at recent changes to family law in Ontario By John Sikkema Oh. I’m a zombie, raised by zombies. That’s what I learned at an Ontario Bar Association (OBA) event earlier this year called The All Families Are Equal Act: Celebrating and Understanding the Legislative Changes.” The event was a “professional development” seminar – something lawyers must attend from time to time to keep their law license. These things usually have dull names like “Recent Changes in Corporate Tax Law” or “A Primer on Real Estate Litigation”. But this session, the...

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robert frost2

13 Apr 2017 Robert Frost and euthanasia: The folly of downward comparisons

             Portrait of Robert Frost by A. Allyn Bishop By André Schutten Have you ever heard a euthanasia advocate argue that to force grandma to live in pain is to treat her worse than a dog? The assumption is that if euthanasia is compassionate for the dog, it’s compassionate for the human: “I put my dog down because of horrible pain, so why can’t we put grandma down too?” The simple answer: “Because grandma is not a dog.” As Barbara Kay eloquently wrote in the National Post a few...

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11 Apr 2017 A committee with cloth ears? ARPA presents to Committee reviewing Bill 89

By John Sikkema On Thursday afternoon, April 6, I appeared before the Ontario legislature’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy on behalf of ARPA Canada to discuss Bill 89. I was given five minutes to present to the Committee, which was supposed to be followed by nine minutes of questions from Committee members. (More on that, below.) Given the short presentation time, I focused on why it is bad public policy to add a long list of personal identifying characteristics (the child’s race, family diversity, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and...

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downsyndrome-abortion blog

23 Mar 2017 Genetic Discrimination in Canada is Real and it is Lethal

By André Schutten I’m not sure if it’s hypocrisy or ignorance, but three political stories this past week exposed a massive, rotting cavity in our collective moral code. 1) The federal government’s bill to remove “zombie laws” (laws that remain on the books after being struck down by the courts) will delete an inoperative abortion law, struck down by our Supreme Court in 1988. The Toronto Star’s Chantal Hebert says the movewill “predictably” divide the Conservatives. ARPA offers a different perspective. Either way, removing the inoperative abortion provision reminds us all that...

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21 Mar 2017 Five Bills in Five Years: Gender Ideology in Ontario

By John Sikkema Bill 33 in 2012 (“Toby’s Act”), Bill 13 in 2012 (“Accepting Schools Act”), Bill 77 in 2015 (“Affirming Gender Identity Act”), Bill 28 in 2016 (“All Families Are Equal Act”), and now Bill 89 (“Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act”): together these bills represent the swift advance of a left-wing social agenda in Ontario. Bill 33 added “gender identity and gender expression” to Ontario’s Human Rights Code in 2012. Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to pass such a law. Bill 13 required public and Catholic schools...

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