15 Apr 2020 Book Review: The Victory of Reason

By Levi Minderhoud God has blessed Canada. Canada, along with Western countries, is consistently one of the most prosperous, freest, happiest, and most developed countries in the world. Why? In his book, The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success, Rodney Stark, a professor of religious studies, argues that there are three specific reasons why Christianity – as opposed to other world religions – led to freedom, prosperity, and success in the West.   Reason #1: Christianity alone embraced reason as a method of understanding. Human reason requires a very...

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caring for others during covid-19

02 Apr 2020 Society waking up to what it means to think of others

Just a few short weeks ago, we shared with you our grave concerns about Bill C-7, a bill introduced to expand euthanasia to those whose death is not reasonably foreseeable. This bill would make even more Canadians eligible for, and thus vulnerable to, euthanasia. Thankfully, with Parliament temporarily suspended on account of COVID-19, this bill has also been put on hold. In this holding period, the events unfolding around us have been astounding when we think of the shift in language and behaviour toward the most vulnerable. When hordes of young...

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19 Mar 2020 ARPA Quarantine Webinars

document.getElementsByClassName("date")[0].innerText="April 23, 2020"; Register now! Week of May 11th Host: Ed Hoogerdyk Politics is too serious a matter to be left up to the politicians. So, we're going to talk about: educate, equip, encourage, Biblical perspective, relationships first and policy second, plungers, lighthouses, shalom, the public square and grassroots. Spring has arrived and it's time to spring into political action. ARPA is you. Action inspires action. TUESDAY: Register for 2 PM EDT Webinar Need help with registration? Watch this tutorial video. ...

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11 Mar 2020 Laws Impact Real People – Stories from the Apologetics Canada Conference

Mike Schouten   Apologetics Canada helps Christians speak the language of our culture and address questions with intellectual honesty, gentleness, and respect. They host an annual conference at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, BC, and this year ARPA Canada hosted two exhibits, one promoting the work of ARPA and the other focused on ARPA’s pro-life campaign, We Need a Law. We attend various events like this throughout the year, but this one, a uniquely Christian event, provides a more enthusiastic audience and deeper conversations about the issues ARPA works on. The We Need A...

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02 Mar 2020 Ontario court lets off two pimps, declares prostitution law unconstitutional

In 2014, Parliament passed the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36) to implement the “Nordic Model” of prostitution law in Canada. This model, and our current law,  prohibits the purchase of sex, while granting immunity to those who are prostituted. It also prohibits third parties, particularly pimps, from promoting and profiting from prostitution. The Nordic Model recognizes the prevalence of coercion in prostitution and is designed to ensure that abuse and violence can be reported by prostituted women (and men) without fear of legal repercussions. A provincial...

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20 Feb 2020 Reflections on British Columbia’s Throne Speech and Budget

Photo Credit: The Canadian Press/Chad Hipolito By: Levi Minderhoud   British Columbia’s political culture doesn’t align with the stereotypes that many in the country have about this province. Many Canadians see us as left-leaning, granola-crunching hippies, yet the province has been governed by center-right parties for much of the past 70 years. The province is the least religious province in Canada, yet its MLAs are given the most freedom to lead the legislature in prayer. The province lacks a major socially conservative party yet has been more receptive and generous towards independent Christian...

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13 Feb 2020 So, a bunch of nervous, eager, and energetic teenagers attended God and Government 2020. Now what?

Thirty-six high school students arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday, February 4. They came by planes, trains, and automobiles. They slept in an old jail. They went to court. They went to the theatre. Well, sort of. They attended question period in the House of Commons. They ate Beaver Tails, checked out the Rideau Canal, made new friends, and experienced the travel delights of delays and cancellations due to a whopping snowfall. But most importantly, they came for politics. That’s where the fun really began. The students listened to presentations from a...

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22 Jan 2020 Opportunities for Partisan Political Action in British Columbia in 2020

Levi Minderhoud   Since its inception, ARPA Canada has chosen to be non-partisan. This allows ARPA as an organization to better engage with elected officials regardless of their partisan colour. But we certainly encourage you to be partisan. Officially joining the political party that most closely aligns with your political philosophy gives you a special and amplified voice. It allows you to vote in party leadership races, local candidate nomination races, and policy conventions. Leadership races determine who will be the next leader of a political party. Local candidate nomination races determine who...

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euthanasia and organ donation

10 Jan 2020 Euthanasia is increasing organ donations. What should we do?

by Anna Nienhuis Because the time, place, and means of medically assisted deaths are pre-planned, euthanasia makes it easier than ever before to collect human organs and tissue before they spoil. The Ottawa Citizen reports more than a 100% increase in donations from MAiD patients in Ontario since 2017. But this is not a silver lining to legalized euthanasia, as it might first appear, and as it is being portrayed. It confronts Canadians with difficult ethical questions. To name a few that the medical community has also been grappling with: How does...

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13 Dec 2019 Euthanasia: Permitted not Mandated

By Levi Minderhoud   Recent news articles have recounted the fight between Fraser Health and the Irene Thomas Hospice in Delta, BC. Already back in 2016, Fraser Health – the local health authority responsible for serving 1.8 million British Columbians in the Lower Mainland – dictated that all hospices must provide euthanasia. After an outcry by citizens and hospices, Fraser Health softened its directive by allowing faith-based hospices to continue to live out their mission of neither hastening death nor intentionally ending life. Fraser Health still required non-denominational hospices to provide euthanasia. The Irene...

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