21 Apr 2021 Let the Church be the Church Campaign

It’s been over 13 months since the first Covid-19 restrictions were enacted across Canada. Since then, ARPA has launched targeted campaigns in British Columbia and Ontario and encouraged Reformed Christians in all provinces to use emails, phone calls, petitions, letters to the editor, and social media to ask their provincial leaders to allow church leadership to make the decision on how Christians can safely gather for corporate worship. We argued that corporate worship is an essential activity and that these restrictions are unconstitutional. At various times and places, we have pointed out that the...

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02 Mar 2012 Alberta Pro-Life rolls out Defund Abortion campaign

ARPA Note: Albertans, please take the time to read the full article and check out the links at the end. EDMONTON, March 1, 2012 ( - In anticipation of the upcoming spring election, Alberta Pro-Life has reinvigorated a campaign demanding that the government defund abortion in the province. Working with a grassroots initiative begun by pro-life university and college students, Alberta Pro-Life took on the campaign in mid-January to more effectively lobby the Alberta government to change its current policy of paying for abortion-on-demand...

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