Justice and Freedom

19 Oct 2007 The Supreme Court

By Doug SchoutenRecently, while at a meeting with a newly-elected Member of Parliament, a member of the Langley ARPA group asked what the MP proposed to do about the current lack of abortion legislation in Canada. His answer was rather surprising. He contended that the courts have effectively taken this aspect of social policy out of the hands of our legislative bodies. The MP thought that since the issue of abortion is so divisive in Parliament, and since the only way to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the pro-life movement is to invoke the Section 33 ‘notwithstanding clause’ (I’ll explain this clause later), the only way to effect positive change in this matter is to influence the culture of Canada outside of the strictly political circles. I would tend to agree.
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19 Oct 2007 The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

By Stan Leyenhorst Human rights complaints related to discrimination as specified in the BC Human Rights Code are appearing more and more in various media and continue to be a source of concern for many. A general overview of the BC Human Rights Tribunal can provide information regarding its history, including recent changes, the establishment of the Tribunal, its role, and the process of complaints resolution.
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