Organizational News

14 Nov 2013 Statement: ARPA & Political Parties

ARPA Canada has always been non-partisan, which means we won't promote or oppose a political party or candidate. But that does not mean that we don't support participation in political parties. Far from it! We whole heartedly encourage our readers to make use of our freedom to directly influence the governance of our nation, province, and municipality by means of active participation in political parties, running for office, or assisting those who seek office. The choice is not between ARPA and a political party. Both avenues (along with think tanks,...

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09 Oct 2013 Presentation to BC Finance Committee

This morning ARPA's Executive Director Mark Penninga was given an opportunity to make a presentation to the BC Finance Committee about priorities for the 2014 budget. We have done this a couple times in the past and this year we decided to do things a little different and first explain the concept of "sphere sovereignty" as it relates to the budget. We did this because an underlying problem that the provincial governments first need to address is a clear understanding of what its role is in relation to the other...

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