26 Sep 2007 Dying With Dignity

By Mark Penninga (French version available below as an attachment) Words can pack a punch. As such, they can be used for both noble and crafty purposes. Advertisers, political spin-doctors, and even Supreme Court judges know this well and take full advantage of the power of words. One example is the concept of dignity. Because dignity seems to be such a favourable word it is being used, and exploited, for purposes as far ranging as Hillary Duff’s latest pop album to the push for legalized abortion in third world countries. But the movement that has most exploited the concept of dignity is the political effort to legalize euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. The term “death with dignity” is being used by right-to-die advocacy groups because they know that associating dignity with euthanasia will soften the public perception of what they are really demanding– state condoned death.
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18 Sep 2007 Euthanasia on the Horizon

We won the early battles, but we may be losing the war By Mark Penninga ( [Action Update: The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has prepared some sample letters to help you with writing a letter, email, or postcard to your MP.]  In June, while many families were considering where to go for their family vacation, Nova Scotia resident Eric MacDonald took his wife on a trip to Zurich, Switzerland. But their destination was no vacation. Eric brought his 38-year-old wife to an assisted suicide clinic where her life was ended. Terminally ill with multiple sclerosis, Elizabeth did not want to go on living and both physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia are illegal in Canada. "I wish to heavens she was still here, but I couldn't ask her to go on suffering that way," said Eric, according to Macleans magazine.
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04 Sep 2007 ARPA Canada: Set to Launch in April!

ARPA Canada, a new Christian political advocacy group will be officially launching in April. ARPA Canada will serve as a centre for coordinating political action among Reformed churches; providing news, research, support, and motivation. It will also communicate a Biblical view of current political issues to our provincial and federal governments. The Reformed church community has a history of political action and involvement in Canada. Already in the 1980’s local groups formed in churches and became known as ARPA’s (Association for Reformed Political Action). In 2000, an effort was made by the Reformed Perspective Foundation to encourage new ARPA groups across the country. Peter Veenendaal toured the country promoting political action in local congregations. As a result a number of groups sprung up and made some significant accomplishments.
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