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21 Mar 2017 Five Bills in Five Years: Gender Ideology in Ontario

By John Sikkema Bill 33 in 2012 (“Toby’s Act”), Bill 13 in 2012 (“Accepting Schools Act”), Bill 77 in 2015 (“Affirming Gender Identity Act”), Bill 28 in 2016 (“All Families Are Equal Act”), and now Bill 89 (“Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act”): together these bills represent the swift advance of a left-wing social agenda in Ontario. Bill 33 added “gender identity and gender expression” to Ontario’s Human Rights Code in 2012. Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to pass such a law. Bill 13 required public and Catholic schools...

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09 Mar 2017 Is Bill 89 about human rights? Don’t buy it.

Today we tackle the claim that Bill 89 is needed in order to bring Ontario’s child services law into better alignment with human rights law. The Opposition Critic for Children and Youth Services, Sylvia Jones (recently replaced by Gila Martow), expressed her support for the government’s Bill 89 early on, saying, “What I see in the legislation is now it’s just matching what’s in the Human Rights Code.” Here again, the Opposition could use a healthy dose of skepticism as it reviews government legislation. Yes, Bill 89 incorporates the list of protected...

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29 Jan 2014 Dr. Neufeld on Bullying: What Really Works?

In 2012 and 2013, ARPA focussed a lot of attention on Bill 13 in Ontario and Bill 18 in Manitoba, both of which claimed to be about combatting bullying even though the legislation itself did not reflect this. Sadly, in spite of a overwhelming opposition from the public and our readers, these bills were pushed through. But the issue is far from over. Other provinces are looking at the same issue, and Ontario and Manitoba will now have to grapple with the top-down and heavy-handed reality of their new laws....

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