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30 Jan 2019 God and Government Niagara

This past January, ARPA Niagara was able to host their first ever God and Government Conference in Smithville. The event was a great success, with nearly 40 attendees participating in multiple informative and engaging workshops on topics like pro-life politics, current legislation, and cultural engagement. A keynote speech from The Culture War author Jonathon Van Maren provided attendees with great insight into the cultural transformation the West has experienced over the past 80 years. Overall, the conference was well received and is something ARPA Niagara hopes to bring back next...

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26 Jun 2014 ARPA Niagara Pro-Life Car Wash

The ARPA Niagara chapter held a pro-life car wash on Saturday, June 21 to raise funds for the Grimsby Life Centre. Here are some photos of their successful event, in which they raised $320 and had fruitful discussions with many of the drivers, informing them of the reality of abortion in Canada. Less than 50% knew that Canada is in company with China and North Korea when it comes to no restrictions on abortion and less than 40% knew that sex-selective abortions happen in Canada. Great job, ARPA Niagara! There...

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17 Apr 2014 Students Visit Crisis Pregnancy Centre

Students at Neerlandia Covenant Canadian Reformed School, under the direction of Jacqueline Hamoen, recently held a fundraiser in support of the Crisis Pregnancy Care Centre in Edmonton. This was the first step to start an ARPA School Club there. We look forward to seeing what else these students will do! A big thank you to Jacqueline and the students: Tristan J, Jewel, Olivia, Ally, Mason, and Tristin VL for their hard work on this. See pictures of their experience and the write-up that was in their school newsletter, below. Last...

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