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01 Jun 2010 28 Days on the Pill: Entire Documentary Now Available Here

ARPA Note: 28 Days on the Pill is filmed and produced by TNL Productions, an independent Canadian producer. The film does a good job of discussing a topic that few Christians dare talk about: does the birth control pill cause abortions? Although the answer is still debated by many in the Reformed community, many more aren't even aware that there is an issue. Please consider watching this with some friends to encourage biblical worldview thinking on sexuality. ...

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21 Sep 2009 Abortion Activist Stephen Lewis to Speak at Ontario’s Redeemer University-College

ARPA Note: Redeemer UC was not founded by the Christian Reformed Church as mentioned below, but by people form the Reformed tradition. By Patrick B. Craine - ANCASTER, Ontario, September 21, 2009 ( - Redeemer University-College (RUC), an undergraduate liberal arts college founded by the Christian Reformed denomination, is scheduled to host a lecture in January by Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.
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