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27 Dec 2007 What is it like to plan to teach Ministry of Education curricula Christianly?

By Derek Stoffels Teachers’ have a moral and legal obligation to teach the designated content in each course’s curriculum document. For many courses the government dictates quite specifically the things that you must teach. Fortunately what they don’t usually dictate is the perspective you approach the material from. In this article I will try to give you a bit of a glimpse into a teacher’s life as they grapple with teaching a particular learning outcome or theme.
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12 Dec 2007 BC Corren Agreement

Comments on the proposed Social Justice 12 Curriculumby Rod Taylor [CHP Skeena-Bulkley Valley]Background: the BC Ministry of Education, in cooperation with Attorney General Wally Oppal, made a deal with two homosexual teachers (Corren and Corren), which gave the two men unprecedented influence over the development of new curricula for use in BC schools. The following commentary points out several obvious problem passages for family-values advocates.The following comments on the proposed Social Justice 12 “Integrated Resource Package” (Curriculum) are merely specific points in regard to this blatant attempt by the BC government to introduce significant philosophical changes to current public school curricula.
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