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01 Feb 2010 Free: Small Group Study – Seek Social Justice

The Heritage Foundation is offering a quality resource, both in print and online, at no cost. Seek Social Justice is a small group study that includes 6 lessons and features leaders like Chuck Colson, Star Parker, Al Mohler, and more. Each lesson includes a short video and accompanying . Check out the online version or order the print and DVD version by clicking here. If you are looking for more educational resources, check out ARPA Canada's lesson plans here. ...

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27 Aug 2008 ARPA Canada Lesson Plans

ARPA Canada, in cooperation with a teacher from a Reformed school in Canada, have prepared some lessons for teachers and parents to incorporate into their classes or use at home. We recognize that our children are growing up in a world that is increasingly opposed to applying our Christian worldview to public life. We want to make it easier for teachers to introduce students to some key political issues from a Biblical perspective. These lesson plans are our first step to making this happen. All of our lesson plans can...

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10 Jun 2008 Resources from Parliament

Resources from Canada's Parliament The Parliament of Canada website has many Learning Strategies and resources relating to Canadian politics. Click here for a list of programs and products directed towards four different age groups. And click here for a wealth of background resources and information on Parliament.Here is a list of some lesson plans and resources, directed towards high school students:Model ParliamentSetting the Agenda: A typical day in the life of a MP or Senator Special Parliamentary Committee SimulationAll Candidates Election Forum Voter Apathy Among Young VotersVoting That CountsClick here...

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