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11 Sep 2010 Municipal Election Attracts Three Canadian Reformed Candidates

By Ingrid VanderGaag (Elora ARPA): This fall, the Township of Centre Wellington (Fergus-Elora area in Ontario) will have three Canadian Reformed candidates running for council. Each represents a different ward, but will have stiff competition as there are many candidates running this year. Eric VanGrootheest, whose father was also a councillor in 1990-94, recognizes that first generation Canadians spent a lot of time getting their own associations established and did not have the time to move out into the community. He would like to be involved in changing the ‘Dutch church’ perspective and also desires to readdress the priorities in the community stressing good stewardship of finances and operations.
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19 Mar 2010 Canadian Social Conservatism on the Rise?

Writing in the latest issue of Maclean's, national affairs columnist Paul Wells documents the rise of social conservatism in Ottawa and across the country, citing mounting evidence the Canadian government and Canadians in general are incrementally moving to the right.  Wells points to recent initiatives by the governing Conservatives on maternal health abroad, a federally sponsored Youth for Christ proposal to build a youth centre in Winnipeg, the rejection of the Insite safe-injection site in Vancouver and a renewed national focus on family, law and order and traditional marriage.  Noting the success of two recent Ottawa events, including the Institute for Marriage and Family Canada policy conference...

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09 Nov 2009 Nov 9th By-Election Results

Four ridings across the country (in BC, Quebec, and Nova Scotia) have new MP's. In Nova Scotia, Christian Heritage Party of Canada leader Jim Hnatiuk and a team of CHP supporters from across the country ran an ambitious campaign against his rivals Scott Armstrong (Conservative), Mark Austin (NDP), and others. Hnatiuk wound up in 5th place, close behind the Green Party candidate. Click here for the results of each of the ridings....

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