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28 Nov 2012 Toronto Reverses Plan to Ban Plastic Bags

One of the most popular articles on the ARPA website (thanks to Google) is an article that was written for us about the fad of banning plastic bags. You can find that here. The Globe and Mail has reported that Toronto City Council has made a surprise move to reverse its plan to ban plastic bags. Learn more. Although we would hope that common sense played a role in the decision, it appears that legal challenges were a more dominant concern....

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25 Jan 2011 The Competing World Views of Environmentalism and Christianity

E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.. The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: Religion is the root of any culture, and environmentalism has become a full-fledged religion in its own right. It is the most comprehensive substitute in the world today for Christianity so far as world view, theology, ethics, politics, economics, and science are concerned, and you need to understand it in order to counter it effectively, from presuppositions to policies, from classroom to movie theater, from evening network news to Internet and local...

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22 Dec 2010 Court rules parts of Reproduction Act unconstitutional

ARPA Note: The EFC intervened in this case. Read their concerns and suggestions for follow-up here. Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun Dec 22 2010 - OTTAWA: The Supreme Court has delivered a split advisory ruling in a case involving the regulation of in vitro fertilization, cloning and the creation of human-animal hybrids. While the ruling is technically only an advisory opinion, it has the effect of striking down several sections of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Read more...

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