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22 Oct 2010 Weekend ARPA Events in Cloverdale and Burlington a Success!

The first of 8 events on the theme of Grace & Truth in Canadian Politics and the launch of the Stand Up for Freedom Canada Campaign was held on Friday night in Cloverdale, BC and was met with a large and supportive audience. Speakers Mark Penninga and Neil Dykstra introduced the campaign and encouraged the audience to share it with their neighbours, co-workers, and aquaintences.  
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08 Oct 2010 Spread the Word!

We are getting excited about 8 big events that are planned for the next few weeks as well as the upcoming launch of Stand Up for Freedom Canada! If you are part of an ARPA in Ontario (or want an ARPA in your area) take part in the conference on Oct 23rd. And if you live in Southern BC or Ontario, please help spread the word about the events coming to your area. Facebook pages have been created for each of them. Please go to the event in your area...

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17 Sep 2010 ARPA Events: BC & Ontario

Updated Information About ARPA's Upcoming Events in BC & Ontario Grace & Truth in Canadian Politics and Launch of the Stand up For Freedom Canada Campaign Christ exemplified a message of both grace and truth. How can we apply this to Canadian politics? This presentation by ARPA Canada's director Mark Penninga will include interviews with Canadian leaders to apply these principles to specific issues of the day. The events will feature the launch of the Stand Up for Freedom Canada! campaign....

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