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24 Oct 2017 LN Feature: Choice in education is worth our attention

Deani Van Pelt, Senior Researcher with Cardus Our guest on the Lighthouse News feature this week is Deani Van Pelt, she's a Senior researcher with Cardus regarding a recent piece in the Hamilton Spectator. --- LN: So, you had a piece published in the Hamilton Spectator earlier this month talking about education funding in Ontario. First,. some background. This was in response to another op-ed on funding for Catholic Schools, correct? DvP: That's right. The piece that came out was...

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30 Sep 2016 Alberta’s sex-ed curriculum and “the human face of ‘no’”

Written by: David MacKenzie When Pastor Brian Coldwell, of the New Testament Baptist Church of Spruce Grove, Alberta, says “No”, he means it.  And I admire him for it. “Yes-men” don’t get it. Indeed, political sycophants find such resolve offensive. But the difference between them and Brian Coldwell, is that the latter actually appreciates concrete principle— especially Biblical principle— more than the shifting sands of political pragmatism. Brian knows there’s little to be gained, outside of eternity, for standing on Biblical principles. He’s aware that, at any point, things could go very badly for both him and the Christian schools with which his congregation is associated.
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