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28 Mar 2017 Canada Must Start Monitoring “Medically Assisted Dying”

Take Action: Send an EasyMail letter to share your concerns with your MP and MPP    When the Supreme Court of Canada legalized assisted suicide in Carter (2015), it allayed concerns about abuse by quoting the words of the trial judge, who said the risks of legalized assisted suicide can be minimized (not eliminated) through a “carefully designed system that imposes strict limits that are scrupulously monitored and enforced.” Put another way, only through a carefully designed system that is “scrupulously monitored and enforced” can the inherent risks of a legalized assisted suicide regime...

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26 Oct 2016 Palliative Care: A more dignified option

Support C-277 Last year the Supreme Court of Canada overturned hundreds of years of legal, medical, and moral precedent, when it struck down the Criminal Code prohibitions on assisted suicide in the Carter case.  The Supreme Court gave Parliament the task of creating a system in which some people may kill others in some circumstances. On June 17, Bill C-14 became law after bouncing back and forth between the Senate and House of Commons. This law formally legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. While the law was being crafted, we were able to engage with this policy debate in a huge way. With your help and by God’s grace, our message resulted in some positive changes to the law and helped mitigate the evil that was being endorsed by many Canadians.
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31 May 2016 Palliative Care Bill C-277 Announced

Marilyn Gladu, MP for Sarnia-Lambton spoke on May 31, 2016 at a press conference for her private member’s bill, Marilyn Gladu Bill C-277, “an act providing for the development of a framework on palliative care in Canada.” This timely bill comes in response to the lack of palliative care available in Canada and the lack of any palliative care provisions in government’s C-14 euthanasia legislation which is moving quickly through Parliament. This Private Member’s bill emphasizes the Liberal government's commitment to the “importance of extending access to palliative care to all Canadians in the context of physician-assisted death.” With that in mind, Bill C-277, instructs the ministry of health to work with palliative care professionals and provincial leaders in health to apply national palliative care standards. At the press conference Miss Gladu emphasized how there are only 200 hospices across Canada. Such a low number signifies the need for universal palliative care options. The framework provided in this bill would provide a definition for palliative care, identify the training needed for palliative care professionals, ensure consistent access to palliative care in Canada and consider amending the Canada Health Act to include palliative care as a guaranteed healthcare option. Additionally, the act would outline periodical report releases from the Minister of Health, highlighting any concerns or recommendations for the framework of palliative care. These several initiatives are very similar to ARPA’s emphasis on the need of providing palliative care as a third option for those who are suffering from irremediable terminal illnesses.
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